Our management services cover connectivity and device management and maintenance


Our management services are structured to cover connectivity management, and device management and maintenance. All our services can be associated with a Service Level Agreement.

Connectivity Management Services

Our support team are constantly monitoring networks and applications, circumventing potential issues and steering devices from troublesome networks to avoid business impact. Eseye offers a complete connectivity management service. From dashboard application design and integration to round-the-clock support, our commitment to connectivity means our customers’ data is both secure and globally accessible. Customers who choose Eseye’s managed connectivity service benefit from SIAM, our SIM Information, Administration and Management portal.

SIAM Portal

is a self-service portal that enables you to manage and configure your portfolio of devices and SIM connections. It provide real-time updates on billing and usage to give complete control of connections and costs and allows detailed analysis of your Anynet SIM cards’ connectivity. Access to SIAM is through the web and APIs are available for integration to existing systems.

Managed Connectivity

All connectivity customers have support at the Basic Service level, this includes:

  • Support for connectivity analysis, tools and use of Eseye SMSC consultancy on communications type set up for Nat, Fixed IP, VPN (further charges may apply) and on-going analysis assistance to ensure the correct set up is in place
  • One-off data packages (for customer instigated OTA product updates/reprogramming)
  • Security package
  • Data record delivery (provision of underlying data for subsequent detailed analysis on billing, IP addresses, communications patterns)
  • Alerts (for abnormal pattern alerting (Pro-active service monitoring and alerting), data usage altering and costs alerting), direct service status notifications (maintenance etc.)
  • IMSI programming (if Multi IMSI SIMs are in place)
  • Guaranteed resolution according to Service Tier

Read our managed connectivity specifications here and find more about the our connectivity offering on our AnyNet SIM Cards page.

Device Management & Maintenance Services

Our device management and maintenance ensures your Eseye devices are always connected and updated with the latest software. Our support team is on hand to talk you through the most suitable options for continued reliable connectivity. Device management offered with Eseye devices gives you proactive control of your estate of devices and allows you to reduce the cost and complexity of managing your M2M solution. You can monitor all devices 24/7, install software and applications remotely to thousands of devices within minutes anywhere in the world, query individual devices over-the-air, and effectively diagnose and resolve issues as well as ensuring all your devices are totally secure with the latest software and applications installed. Key service features include:

  • Diagnosis: end-to-end process and device configuration assessment
  • OTA device reprogramming or reconfiguration
  • Firmware recommendations
  • TR0.69 deployed for OTA (This service assumes AnyNet connectivity)
  • Guaranteed resolution according to Service Tier

Eseye device maintenance comprises routine actions to keep your device in optimal working order and to prevent failures and problems. The service includes:

  • Proactive push of new feature releases
  • Software and firmware updates and upgrades including bug fixes
  • Proactive response to online trouble-ticketing and issue tracking (other than warranty claim)
  • Guaranteed resolution according to Basic, Enhanced, Premium or Elite Service Tier

Eseye Service Tiers

Our service tiers selection allows you to choose how rapidly you need responses to device or connectivity issues and will specify KPIs and key reporting metrics. Basic SLA and a 1 year warranty are standard on all our services and products. The provision is progressively faster and more comprehensive as you move through Enhanced, Premium and Elite SLA levels. Contact us if you would like to understand more by speaking to a person who can explain what is recommended for your type of IoT application and how our service level may benefit your customers.

Eseye holds ISO27001 Certification!

Eseye achieved ISO27001 certification in October 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate represents a global Information Security Management System standard that protects our customers by ensuring we have an effective security management system. The certification demonstrates a full assessment and validation of end-to-end security systems related to handling Eseye and customer data.
Check our ISO27001:2013 Certificate here


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